Department of social and humanities

It consists of training, retraining and upgrading of professional personnel for the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as all ministries and agencies that are part of law enforcement bodies, as well as relevant state administration bodies.

In the field of educational and methodological affairs.

organization of educational activities aimed at training highly qualified specialists in all educational areas and specialties of the university from social and humanitarian sciences using innovative methods of modern teaching.

In the field of scientific and methodical works.

development of scientific-methodical foundations of the educational process, provision of educational and methodical materials, modern education that serves to increase the labor productivity and quality and efficiency of professors-teachers by studying foreign experience in this field introduction of lim technologies.

In the field of scientific research.

Taking into account the priority tasks of the social and political reforms implemented in the new Uzbekistan, advanced world experience and international standards, it is recognized that priority directions for ensuring public safety, implementation of scientific research works and their results are put into practice 'to provide.

In the field of spiritual and educational affairs.

In order to implement the idea of ​​"people and army, one soul and one body", to educate future officer cadres in the spirit of patriotism, to teach them the heritage of our historical figures, great commanders, and schools of science, and to inculcate in them loyalty to the homeland, loyalty to the oath, to form a feeling of not putting one's own interest above the interest of the country, to strengthen the feelings of connecting one's destiny with the destiny of the homeland.

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