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The purpose of the department is to improve the system of training highly qualified specialists in the field of preventing any threats to the peace and tranquility of our country and fighting crime based on advanced international standards, as well as to increase the personnel capacity of law enforcement agencies and the Armed Forces based on the requirements of the times. is to produce high-level, qualified, intellectually and physically mature, potential personnel for the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies in the field of public security. It was established on July 3, 2021 based on the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 15, 2021 "On measures to further improve the system of training professional personnel in the field of public safety" No. PQ-5077.

In the field of educational and methodological work, using innovative methods of teaching, the educational directions of the bachelor's degree "Command-tactical activity of the road patrol service", "Command-tactical activity of the patrol-post service", "Legal support of the passport system" and organization of educational activities aimed at forming highly qualified specialists in the specialization "Legal provision of public security" of the magistracy; v in the field of scientific and methodical work - development of the scientific and methodical foundations of the educational process, provision of educational and methodical materials, modern education that serves to increase the labor productivity and quality and efficiency of the professors-teachers by studying the foreign experience in this field introduction of technologies; in the field of scientific-research works - priorities of economic, banking-finance, investment, tax-budget, economic security reforms carried out in the country, taking into account advanced world experience and international standards, priority directions for public safety, scientific-research works implementation and implementation of their results; in the field of organizational and methodical work - assessment of the quality of education, conducting its analysis, as well as effective organization of other organizational and methodical activities;

In the field of spiritual and moral and educational work - to help cadets, students and trainees to mature spiritually, intellectually, physically and morally and in the spirit of respect for national values, patriotism, civic sense, tolerance, respect for laws, national and universal values, in the spirit of raising children who can resist harmful influences and currents, have firm beliefs and views on life, feel their responsibility before the state and society, understand and adhere to the criteria of humanity, inter-ethnic harmony, justice and the rule of law to educate;

In the field of training of scientific-pedagogical personnel, upgrading and retraining of pedagogic personnel, in the field of work related to their internship - implementation of specific purposeful work on the formation of a scientific-pedagogical personnel training system of the department with rich intellectual and scientific-pedagogical skills that meets modern international standards

The department is currently preparing a memorandum of cooperation with the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Kranodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
works are being carried out.

Taking into account the fact that the department is newly established, work is being carried out on the preparation of textbooks on subjects that are currently being taught and are intended to be taught. At the moment, the Department of Education and Culture:
Textbooks on the subject of administrative responsibility (in Uzbek and Russian languages) were prepared and sent to the coordinating council under the Ministry of Higher Education for approval (authors S.M. Selimanova, S.R. Tursunova, U.Sh. Tallibaev);
A textbook on the basics of public safety (in Uzbek) is being prepared and submitted to the Stylistic Council for discussion (S.M. Selimanova from the department participated in the preparation process in the team of authors);
A textbook on personnel management (in Uzbek) was prepared and sent to the coordinating council under the Ministry of Higher Education for approval (author L.R. Shayusupova);
On behalf of the University, assistant professor of the department D. D. Yusupova participated in the team of authors prepared by the working group working at the Islamic Academy of the textbook on the spiritual and educational foundations of the fight against religious fanaticism, extremism and fundamentalism.

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