Information resource center


      The Information Resource Center of the University of public security of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as the "center") established its activities by the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 20, 2006, PQ-381 "on the organization of information and library provision of the population of the Republic", 280 "on April 13, 2011"on information and library activities", 113 "on July 22, 2022., the order"on the organization of the activities of libraries of military units and institutions", organizes and carries out according to the Charter of the University, orders and orders of the head of the University and the Charter of the Center.

        The center operates a book storage room, an abonement place for individual issuance of literature, a study hall, electronic libraries, as well as a library of teaching, nonfiction, an electronic library, and literature for use within the service.

     The center is designed to collect, store and exploit various information and library resources, distributed in a multi-use way, provided electronically, of scientific-public, non-fiction books and educational literature, periodicals and press.


The Center Library Foundation includes:

a catalog containing information about all library resources available in the library stock;

books(literature, textbooks, teaching aids, etc.;

literature, publications and documents from various organizations;

library database;


electronic versions of books, publications and tutorials.

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